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Express Yourself (It’s Important)

February 15th, 2011

Please consider taking a few minutes to thoughtfully respond to this online survey. Information gathered will have significant impact on future design and priorities for the Camillus community, in the area of recreation and leisure activities. Please share this link with your family and friends. It’s extremely important to accumulate a thorough cross-section of community opinion. The window of opportunity is brief (the survey ends April 4th). This is democracy at a basic level. Thank you! :)

A New Year: A Time To Look Forward & Back

January 11th, 2011

In less than 2 months, the Town Shop will be celebrating its 40th birthday! A rather remarkable milestone (particularly under the same leadership). Back in early 1971, the prediction was “this will last two, maybe three years, tops”. Not that it’s been easy. Economic tides, funding ebbs and flows, changes in leadership in public and elected office, all of these factors and more leave a backdrop of subtle insecurity. Last year offers a current example as the nation’s economic struggles, funding streams and every level of government are propelled towards austerity, and many young people find personal and family resources dwindling. It’s a tribute to the Camillus community that somehow, some way, a path forward has always been blazed. The merit and value of this endeavor is easily observed by anyone willing to spend thirty minutes perusing photos in the dozens of galleries on here and on our Facebook page.

Here are some highlights:

  • Seva (Samaritan Center) Wednesdays 3pm
  • Seva (Sunshine Horse Rescue) Saturdays 9am
  • Open Mic 1/16 7pm
  • Showcase Concert A Weekend Romance 1/30 7pm
  • Cross Country Ski/Snowshoe (Beaver Lake) 1/17 4pm
  • Cross Country Ski/Snowshoe (Highland Forest) 1/31 10am
  • Eating Our Way Around The World Eva’s European Sweets (Poland) 1/8 12pm
  • Cooking Class Build your own roasted veggie pizza with guest chef Theresa Frank. 1/25 6:30pm
  • Scavenger Hunt 1/26 7pm
  • Dodgeball (East Hill) 1/27

All activities are weather permitting (if school is closed due to a storm, so is the Town Shop). More activities may be posted on Facebook as the month unfolds.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

December 7th, 2010

Winter seems to have arrived early this year with light fluffy lake effect snow falling at this very moment. That’s good, as the Town Shop looks forward to scheduling lots of outdoor snow experiences as well as warm snuggly indoor ones.

Here are some highlights:

  • Seva (Samaritan Center) Wednesdays 3pm
  • Seva (Sunshine Horse Rescue) Saturdays 9am
  • Cross Country Ski/Snowshoe 12/12, 12/14, 12/19, 12/30
  • “Revisiting Tonto” (ArtRage Gallery) Plus Arts and Crafts sale at the Onondaga Nation. 12/11 12pm
  • Cooking Class Mac & Cheese with herb bisquits. 12/15
  • Poetry Open Mic It went so well in November we decided to dedicate a night just to poetry.
  • Dodgeball (East Hill) Get those aggressions out! 12/23
  • 3 Band Showcase Great live music featuring One Last Shot, November 15, and Trevor Grant (and friends). 12/28 7pm
  • Zoo (Rosamund Gifford Zoo) 12/29 1pm

Remember, if school is closed due to bad weather, the Town Shop is closed too. The Town Shop has cross country skis and snowshoes to loan for free, just ask.

Back in Business

October 18th, 2010

Summer ’10 was a busy and successful season for the Town Shop. Between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, more than 90 different people participated in Tuesday night volleyball at Gillie Lake, more than 150 different people kayaked (Nine Mile Creek, Owasco Creek, Seneca River, Onondaga Creek, South Sandy Creek) or hiked (Taughannock Falls, Green Lakes, Enfield Gorge, Chimney Bluffs, Fillmore Glen), more than 50 people offered Seva or “selfless service” (Sunshine Horse Rescue, Samaritan Center), while many more attended cultural events like Falcon Ridge Folk Festival or Colorscape Chenango Arts Fest.

Much of the month of September is devoted to Town Shop staff vacation, this year with a “sister’s theme” as David visited his sister in New Mexico and Cheryl’s sister visited from Colorado. Well, vacations are over and the Town Shop is back in business and we are making plans for a robust autumn and winter. We recently reopened October 4th and are on the school year schedule, Monday – Thursday 4-10pm, with special experiences on weekends.

Here are some highlights:

  • Seva (Samaritan Center) Wednesdays 3pm
  • Seva (Sunshine Horse Rescue) Saturdays 9am
  • Seva Recognition Dinner (Methodist Church, Camillus) October 20th
  • Hiking (Chimney Bluffs) 10/12
  • Hiking (Clark Reservation) 10/17
  • Hiking (Beaver Lake) 10/24
  • Apple Picking October 7th
  • Zoo (Rosamund Gifford) October 11th
  • A Mid-Autumn’s Eve Song Swap Featuring Mike Waters, Chrissy Gerace, Justin Jarmacz and A Weekend Romance. November 10th 7pm
  • Vegetarian Cooking November 16th
  • Dodgeball The battle begins! November 18th
  • Eating Our Way Around The World (Las Delicias) Caribbean food. November 27th
  • Open Mic For music and poetry. November 23rd

A printed calendar will be available for November and December. Check here or on Facebook for updates. Stay tuned for more Seva, cross country skiing, live music, dodgeball, winter camping, Town Shop overnights, cultural adventure, including a future trip to NYC! :)


July 7th, 2010

When summertime comes it’s a celebration, people gettin’ out all across the nation and it seems like everybody’s gettin’ together. There’s music playin’ everywhere you go, got Dandy Dan talkin’ on the radio and it seems like everybody’s diggin’ that hot summer weather. Well, California sun shines all the time, but East Coast summers are a different kind, doesn’t last as long so it means a little bit more… it’s a Syracuse summer, everybody’s under the sun, oh yeah.

Gary Frenay & the Neverly Bros.

When temperatures become warmer in July and August, the Town Shop reduces building hours to just two days a week (Mondays and Tuesdays, from 5-10pm) so that we can get outdoors and do many other things.

Here are some highlights:

  • Kayak (Nine Mile Creek) Mondays 5pm
  • Kayak (Seneca River 7/8, 8/26, 1pm
  • Kayak (South Sandy Creek) 7/10, 7/29, 8/28 10am
  • Kayak (Owasco Creek) 7/15 1pm
  • Kayak (Tioughnioga River) 9/2, 11am
  • Volleyball (Gillie Lake) Tuesdays 6:15pm
  • Seva (Samaritan Center) 7/7, 7/21, 8/4, 8/11, 8/25, 9/1, 9/8 3pm
  • Seva (Sunshine Horse Rescue) 7/3, 7/17, 7/31, 8/14 9am
  • Hiking/Swimming (Green Lakes State Park) 7/6, 7/28, 8/10 12pm
  • Hiking/Swimming (Ithaca Gorges) 8/5 10am
  • Hiking/Swimming (Fillmore Glen) 8/12 12pm
  • Hiking/Swimming (Chimney Bluffs) 8/19 1pm
  • Hiking/Swimming (Taughannock Falls) 8/21 12pm
  • Vegetarian Cooking Class With guest chef Ethan Camwell, culinary student at Johnson Wales. Held at the Vermilya’s house, on Seneca River. Swimming too! 8/14 3pm
  • Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo) 8/20 1pm
  • Falcon Ridge Folk Festival One of the best music festivals ever! July 22-25
  • Eating Our Way Around The World The Taj (India Buffet) 8/3 12pm
  • Perseids Meteor Shower Hike up into Camillus Unique Forest to view. 8/11 8pm
  • A Midsummer Eve’s Poetry & Music Open Mic (Gillie Lake) 8/18 7pm
  • Chenango Colorscape Arts Fest (Norwich, NY) Great art and live music. September 10-11

All outdoor activities are weather permitting. If we get rained out we will try to reschedule. Also, if temps are in the 90s, the Town Shop building will probably be closed, and we’ll look for some place to cool off instead. If in doubt, call us. Activities that involve travel require sign up. More experiences may be announced as the summer unfolds.

Melissa Ahern from CMS will be working with us some days this summer, so come welcome her. :)