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“SUMMERTIME and the livin’ is easy” (Porgy & Bess)

June 27th, 2011

Syracuse summer starts this week and after a long winter season….IT’S ABOUT TIME ! The Town Shop adjusts its building schedule (reduced hours) so that we can spend more time doing things outdoors. Hey, summer in Syracuse doesn’t last so long so it means a little bit more. Here is a taste of what the Town Shop schedule will look like:

The building will be open 2 days a week (Mondays and Tuesdays) from 4-10pm. If temps are in the 90′s the building will not be open and we’ll look for someplace “cool” to spend the day.

Kayaking every Monday, 5pm, Nine Mile Creek….boats may be reserved and it is great practice for longer trips on other occasions (Onondaga Creek, South Sandy Creek, Owasco Creek, Seneca River, Clyde River etc.)

Volleyball every Tuesday, 6:30pm, Gillie Lake (leave TS at 6:15…play ’til dark).

Seva at the Samaritan Center on Wednesdays…summertime isn’t easy for everyone in a persistantly difficult economy, and we’ll continue to volunteer as needed to help feed people in need. After-seva activities might include hiking at Baltimore Woods, Camillus Unique Forest, full moon evening hikes, meteor showers, Armory Square, Jamaican dinners at the Jerk Hut etc.

Thursdays through Sundays will be dedicated to special activities and experiences…. HIKING at interesting natural destinations like : Chimney Bluffs 6/23 , Stone Quarry Hill Art Park 6/30 , Fillmore Glen, Chittenango Falls, Ithaca Gorges etc.

MUSICAL TRIPS to Syracuse Jazz Fest 6/25, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 7/21-7/24, Taughannock Falls Concert on the Great Lawn 8/13 (Burns Sisters Band), and Chenango Colorscape Arts Fest 9/10 .

We’ll continue to offer Sunshine Horse Rescue seva on Saturdays as needed followed by Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches (they’re addictive). If it is a HOT Summer there will be plenty of trips to swimming spots like Green Lakes, Lake Ontario, Cayuga Lake and Ithaca Gorges. ALL outdoor activities are WEATHER PERMITTING (if in doubt….phone)

As summer unfolds we will continue to “build” the JULY/AUGUST/SEPTEMBER website calendar pages….continue to check them out for updates, or “friend up” on the Town Shop facebook page to have program reminders come directly to you. STAY COOL and STAY TUNED.