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A New Year: A Time To Look Forward & Back

January 11th, 2011

In less than 2 months, the Town Shop will be celebrating its 40th birthday! A rather remarkable milestone (particularly under the same leadership). Back in early 1971, the prediction was “this will last two, maybe three years, tops”. Not that it’s been easy. Economic tides, funding ebbs and flows, changes in leadership in public and elected office, all of these factors and more leave a backdrop of subtle insecurity. Last year offers a current example as the nation’s economic struggles, funding streams and every level of government are propelled towards austerity, and many young people find personal and family resources dwindling. It’s a tribute to the Camillus community that somehow, some way, a path forward has always been blazed. The merit and value of this endeavor is easily observed by anyone willing to spend thirty minutes perusing photos in the dozens of galleries on here and on our Facebook page.

Here are some highlights:

  • Seva (Samaritan Center) Wednesdays 3pm
  • Seva (Sunshine Horse Rescue) Saturdays 9am
  • Open Mic 1/16 7pm
  • Showcase Concert A Weekend Romance 1/30 7pm
  • Cross Country Ski/Snowshoe (Beaver Lake) 1/17 4pm
  • Cross Country Ski/Snowshoe (Highland Forest) 1/31 10am
  • Eating Our Way Around The World Eva’s European Sweets (Poland) 1/8 12pm
  • Cooking Class Build your own roasted veggie pizza with guest chef Theresa Frank. 1/25 6:30pm
  • Scavenger Hunt 1/26 7pm
  • Dodgeball (East Hill) 1/27

All activities are weather permitting (if school is closed due to a storm, so is the Town Shop). More activities may be posted on Facebook as the month unfolds.