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Back in Business

October 18th, 2010

Summer ’10 was a busy and successful season for the Town Shop. Between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, more than 90 different people participated in Tuesday night volleyball at Gillie Lake, more than 150 different people kayaked (Nine Mile Creek, Owasco Creek, Seneca River, Onondaga Creek, South Sandy Creek) or hiked (Taughannock Falls, Green Lakes, Enfield Gorge, Chimney Bluffs, Fillmore Glen), more than 50 people offered Seva or “selfless service” (Sunshine Horse Rescue, Samaritan Center), while many more attended cultural events like Falcon Ridge Folk Festival or Colorscape Chenango Arts Fest.

Much of the month of September is devoted to Town Shop staff vacation, this year with a “sister’s theme” as David visited his sister in New Mexico and Cheryl’s sister visited from Colorado. Well, vacations are over and the Town Shop is back in business and we are making plans for a robust autumn and winter. We recently reopened October 4th and are on the school year schedule, Monday – Thursday 4-10pm, with special experiences on weekends.

Here are some highlights:

  • Seva (Samaritan Center) Wednesdays 3pm
  • Seva (Sunshine Horse Rescue) Saturdays 9am
  • Seva Recognition Dinner (Methodist Church, Camillus) October 20th
  • Hiking (Chimney Bluffs) 10/12
  • Hiking (Clark Reservation) 10/17
  • Hiking (Beaver Lake) 10/24
  • Apple Picking October 7th
  • Zoo (Rosamund Gifford) October 11th
  • A Mid-Autumn’s Eve Song Swap Featuring Mike Waters, Chrissy Gerace, Justin Jarmacz and A Weekend Romance. November 10th 7pm
  • Vegetarian Cooking November 16th
  • Dodgeball The battle begins! November 18th
  • Eating Our Way Around The World (Las Delicias) Caribbean food. November 27th
  • Open Mic For music and poetry. November 23rd

A printed calendar will be available for November and December. Check here or on Facebook for updates. Stay tuned for more Seva, cross country skiing, live music, dodgeball, winter camping, Town Shop overnights, cultural adventure, including a future trip to NYC! :)