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Summer Schedule ’10

June 18th, 2010

The last hard copy distributed Town Shop calendar was April/May, and the next one will be July/August. June is a difficult month to make lots of plans for due to final exams, regents, graduation, plus Cheryl and Dave’s wedding anniversary (June 13; 40 years). But some activities and building hours are regular and weekly: kayak on Nine Mile Creek (Mondays 5pm), volleyball (Tuesdays 6pm), Seva (Wednesdays 3pm). The Town Shop building is open all three days from 4-10pm (but if temps are 90° or above, we’re closed, and diversion to something outdoors). Thursdays are devoted to picnics and special events, as are weekend dates.

Here are some highlights:

  • Picnic (Onondaga Lake Park) 6/17 3pm
  • Kayak (Owasco Creek) 6/20 1pm
  • Hiking (Chimney Bluffs) 6/24 12pm

In addition, there will be Sunshine Horse Rescue on two Saturdays, June 19 and 26. The entire summer schedule will be available at the end of June, and will include Falcon Ridge Folk Festival/Berkshires Camping, South Sandy Creek to Lake Ontario Beach, Ithaca Gorges, concerts on the lawn at Taughannock Falls, Chenango Colorscape, a mid-summer eve’s Poetry Swap, lots of Seva, volleyball, kayak trips, hiking, and plenty more!