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Giving Back To The Planet

April 24th, 2009

This year saw a great turnout for Earth Day. We say thank you to the following people:

  • Mikey Stephenson
  • Billy Stephenson
  • Cassidy Elhage
  • Abby Moynihan
  • Ashley Dening
  • Monika Vanderkloet
  • Nicole Cunningham
  • Chris Newton
  • Mike Pekala
  • Trevor Grant
  • Sahra Roberts
  • Amanda Doxtetor
  • Sam Stamp
  • Melissa Stepien
  • Kira Caputo
  • Tabby Hill
  • John Spears
  • Adults
  • Frank Carroll
  • David Vermilya
  • Cheryl Vermilya
  • Al Chamberlain

Special thanks goes to Mike Pekala, Trevor Grant, Sahra Roberts, and Amanda Doxtetor for volunteering four years in a row! Amazing! :D

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