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Giving Back To The Planet

April 24th, 2009

This year saw a great turnout for Earth Day. We say thank you to the following people:

  • Mikey Stephenson
  • Billy Stephenson
  • Cassidy Elhage
  • Abby Moynihan
  • Ashley Dening
  • Monika Vanderkloet
  • Nicole Cunningham
  • Chris Newton
  • Mike Pekala
  • Trevor Grant
  • Sahra Roberts
  • Amanda Doxtetor
  • Sam Stamp
  • Melissa Stepien
  • Kira Caputo
  • Tabby Hill
  • John Spears
  • Adults
  • Frank Carroll
  • David Vermilya
  • Cheryl Vermilya
  • Al Chamberlain

Special thanks goes to Mike Pekala, Trevor Grant, Sahra Roberts, and Amanda Doxtetor for volunteering four years in a row! Amazing! :D

Springtime Transition

April 6th, 2009

As central New York weather warms, the Town Shop shifts program focus from indoor activities to outdoor experiences.

A Few Highlights

  • Rosamund Gifford Zoo 4/14 12pm
  • Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge 4/16 12pm
  • Eating Our Way Around The World 4/17 12pm
    Next stop, Puerto Rican food at Don Juan Café!
  • Vegetarian Cooking Class 4/23 6pm
    Pierogies & Potato Cabbage Soup with guest cook Nikki Cunningham.
  • Earth Day 4/25 9am
    A Seva opportunity, rain or shine, plus Mexican food after at El Canelo.
  • Hiking (Highland Forest) 4/26 12pm
  • Dodgeball Tournament (Shove Park) 4/30 6-9pm
  • Seva (Samaritan Center) Wednesdays 3pm
  • Seva (Sunshine Horse Rescue) Saturdays 9am
  • Kayak (Nine Mile Creek) 5/4, 5/11, 5/18
  • Kayak (Onondaga Creek) 5/17
  • Kayak (Clyde River) 5/23
  • Kayak (Sterling River) 5/31
  • Volleyball (Gillie Lake) Tuesdays 6:30pm
  • Picnic (Onondaga Lake Park) Thursdays 3:30pm
  • Classic Movie Night 5/28 6pm

Cheryl is scheduled for knee replacement surgery on May 26th and will be in recovery for many weeks after. This will significantly impact Town Shop scheduling for June. Check the site for updates.