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When a Career Finds You

March 19th, 2009

by Jeanne Albanese

Without the Town Shop, my life was a dull gray. Now it shines with beautiful colors.

Shannon Bower-Portal, former Town Shop participant

Thank you for all the opportunities to view the world outside the box, giving the kids a broader view and a calm place to be themselves.

Susanne and Bob Gemmill, parents of current participant, Sarah

I cannot fully express the esteem I hold for David and Cheryl Vermilya. Even though running the Town Shop is their job, I feel it is more their calling. Their enthusiasm and selfless dedication to the town’s youth is immeasurable. They have contributed to the personal growth of my son by introducing him to the importance of community service and being a part of the community. My son has become a confident and socially conscious individual due to their influence.

Susan M. Czerwinski, parent of former participant

These words – and thousands more like them – sustain Cheryl Vermilya.

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