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September Break

August 27th, 2008

Summer fades and a new school year approaches.  It was an outstanding summer for the Town Shop, beginning with completion of a much needed new roof in June, followed by a myriad of activities that included weekly kayak trips down Nine Mile Creek, volleyball, Onondaga Lake park picnics, lots of seva at the Samaritan Center and Sunshine Horse Rescue, adventures galore at South Sandy Creek/Lake Ontario, Seneca River, Green Lakes, Fillmore Glen, Ithaca Gorges, moonlight hiking, wakeboarding, plus big multi-day adventures at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and Whale Watch/Cape Cod camping. Check out the 2008 photo galleries for a “visual review” of the summer.

The Town Shop will be closed for much of September to allow for staff vacation and recharge (Cheryl and David are traveling by train to New Mexico for 2 weeks from Sept. 10 to Sept. 24) but there are still activities planned. Here are some of them:

Coming this fall:

Many opportunities for seva, outdoor adventures, and a trip to the Big Apple (New York City). Stay Tuned!