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June Plans

June 3rd, 2007

June is always a difficult month to program for at the Town Shop, what with final exams, regents, graduation, and Cheryl and David Vermilya’s wedding anniversary (June 13). This year it is even a bit more complex as Cheryl has been in the hospital since May 17 slowly recovering from emergency surgery and complications. She is going to be alright but it’s tough to predict when she’ll be released or back at the Town Shop. In the meantime. we’re trying to keep a schedule going but on a day by day and one week at a time basis. Check in with the website and we will update every weekend. There will be a July/August summer calendar ready and on the website and in the mail by the end of the month.

DON’T FORGET Aretha Franklin at JazzFest on July 1. David Vermilya is going and taking anyone who wants to go.

This Week, June 4 – 10

  • Monday: David Vermilya does classroom presentations all day at Camillus Middle School, Town Shop open 4-10pm, kayaking down Nine Mile Creek 5pm (Weather Permitting)
  • Tuesday: Town Shop open 4-10pm, volleyball at Gillie Lake 6:30pm (Weather Permitting)
  • Wednesday: Town Shop Closed Seva 3pm feeding people at St. Paul’s Samaritan Center plus a 2 hour visit to Armory Square (rides home after seva for anyone who wants to bypass Armory Square). Talk with David.
  • Thursday: Picnic at Onondaga Lake Park 3:30pm (Weather Permitting) (# Limited) Talk with David.
  • Saturday: Sunshine Horse Rescue 10am This will be one of the last times until fall as the horses are dispersing to various summer quarters (Lotto has been adopted, Amanda too :) ) Talk with David.

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