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Camillus Man Creates Town Shop Website

June 30th, 2007

by Jennifer Graham

Some people sit back and watch television for hours upon hours, dreaming and wishing for certain parts of their life to just happen before their eyes. Some, perhaps, wish to become great mathematicians yet fail to study their craft, while others dream of becoming the next American Idol but never practice a single chord of an audition piece. However, some people believe in following their goals and dreams. Rob Wolf is one of those accomplished dreamers.

“When I began web design, I had no idea what I was getting myself into,” said 23-year-old Rob Wolf, a West Genesee High School graduate who is currently enrolled at Onondaga Community College where he studies graphic design. Like many other students and graduates of Camillus area schools, Wolf is a volunteer at the Camillus Town Shop and has been for quite some time. He has recently designed a remarkably appealing web site designated for the Town Shop and those who are interested in the local teen hangout.

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Summer Schedule ’07

June 30th, 2007

The July/August Town Shop schedule is complete, in the mail and on the site.

Please note, all activities are weather permitting. If there is rain, outdoor activities may be postponed or cancelled. If it is too hot (90° or higher) the building will be closed and we will look for alternative options on, in, or near water.

For more information regarding many experiences, visit the links section. For signups, questions, or more info, contact Cheryl or David Vermilya (co-directors) at home at 635-6495.

Enjoy the summer! 8)

Remaining June Itinerary

June 10th, 2007

As previously mentioned, June is a difficult month for the Town Shop to schedule for, what with final exams and graduation, plus made even more so this year with Cheryl’s medical emergency (May 17) and complications. Well, she was released from the hospital on June 5 and is slowly healing now at home. She says,”I really miss everyone” and is deeply appreciative of all the cards, flowers, food, and expressions of get-well wishes. In her absence, many people have stepped forward to volunteer at the Town Shop to help maintain a robust schedule. Among them, Daryl Olin, Ken Wood, Craig French, Robert Wolf, Curtis Morgan, Chris Sauve, Rory O’Bannion, Erika Dutton, Matt Thomas, Andrew Wilkinson, Rachel Donovan, plus a host of young people trained earlier this year as Town Shop volunteers. Sincere Thanks!

Here is the schedule for the rest of June

  • Monday 6/11: Town Shop open 4-10pm, Kayak Nine Mile Creek 5pm
  • Tuesday 6/12: Town Shop open 4-10pm, Volleyball 6:30pm
  • Wednesday 6/13: Seva plus visit to Armory Square. 3pm (Sign up with DV)
  • Thursday 6/14: Picnic at Onondaga Lake Park 3:30pm
  • Friday 6/15: David attends last BOCES adapep mtg. of the year. 8:30am
  • Saturday 6/16: West Genesee graduation (Congrats)
  • Monday 6/18: Town Shop open 4-10pm, Kayak Nine Mile Creek 5pm
  • Tuesday 6/19: Town Shop open 4-10pm, Volleyball 6:30pm
  • Wednesday 6/20: Seva plus visit to Armory Square. 3pm (Sign up with DV)
  • 6/21 – 6/26: Town Shop CLOSED (Cheryl and David celebrate 37th wedding anniversary plus prepare summer calendar)
  • Wednesday 6/27: Seva plus visit to Armory Square. 3pm (Sign up with DV)
  • Thursday 6/28: Picnic at Onondaga Lake Park 2pm (Possibly the last one of the season as we start doing bigger trips when school is over)
  • Friday 6/29: Summer calendar in the mail.

Some summer plans are already set.

  • July 1: Aretha Franklin and Jaco Pastorious in concert at Jazz Fest (free). Several picnics and free concerts on the Great Lawn at Taughannock Falls State Park.
  • July 7: Burns Sisters Band
  • July 14: Crow Greenspun Band
  • July 22: Mighty Lester, James Hunter, and grammy winner Buddy Guy at NYS Blues Fest (free).
  • July 25-29: Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (we have 15 free passes) and Berkshires camping.
  • August 4: Urban Horse Thieves
  • August 25-30: Whale Watch 2007 and Cape Cod camping. (Visit links page for more information)

Also this summer: lots of volleyball, kayak trips down South Sandy Creek to Lake Ontario beach (1st one tentatively July 5), Seva opportunities, Ithaca gorges, day trips, and more. (All outdoor activities are weather permitting) Stay tuned…

June Plans

June 3rd, 2007

June is always a difficult month to program for at the Town Shop, what with final exams, regents, graduation, and Cheryl and David Vermilya’s wedding anniversary (June 13). This year it is even a bit more complex as Cheryl has been in the hospital since May 17 slowly recovering from emergency surgery and complications. She is going to be alright but it’s tough to predict when she’ll be released or back at the Town Shop. In the meantime. we’re trying to keep a schedule going but on a day by day and one week at a time basis. Check in with the website and we will update every weekend. There will be a July/August summer calendar ready and on the website and in the mail by the end of the month.

DON’T FORGET Aretha Franklin at JazzFest on July 1. David Vermilya is going and taking anyone who wants to go.

This Week, June 4 – 10

  • Monday: David Vermilya does classroom presentations all day at Camillus Middle School, Town Shop open 4-10pm, kayaking down Nine Mile Creek 5pm (Weather Permitting)
  • Tuesday: Town Shop open 4-10pm, volleyball at Gillie Lake 6:30pm (Weather Permitting)
  • Wednesday: Town Shop Closed Seva 3pm feeding people at St. Paul’s Samaritan Center plus a 2 hour visit to Armory Square (rides home after seva for anyone who wants to bypass Armory Square). Talk with David.
  • Thursday: Picnic at Onondaga Lake Park 3:30pm (Weather Permitting) (# Limited) Talk with David.
  • Saturday: Sunshine Horse Rescue 10am This will be one of the last times until fall as the horses are dispersing to various summer quarters (Lotto has been adopted, Amanda too :) ) Talk with David.