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Town Shop Offers Youth “A Place Of Their Own”

March 25th, 2007

by Mary Jo Miuccio

Back in the early 70s, when young people were in the middle of a nationwide social revolution, a group of teens in Camillus wanted their own special place for meeting friends, listening to music, and talking about timely concerns. Together, they approached a community group with their request.

Not long after, an abandoned clothing store called the Town Shop, at 67 Main St. in Camillus, was revitalized into a meeting place for area teens.

Now, 36 years later, the Town Shop continues to offer area youths a “place of their own,” to share common interests, as well as offering many motivating programs.

“In most New York communities, there is little for teens to do if they are not into athletics,” said David Vermilya, who co-directs the Town Shop with his wife, Cheryl.

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Town Shop Turns 36

March 21st, 2007

by David Vermilya

On March 7 the Town Shop reached a remarkable milestone. The program celebrated its 36th birthday. Many people claim it is the longest enduring teen program of its kind in New York State. Some say it may be so for the entire United States, particularly under the same leadership. And it is a tribute to the Camillus community that has supported and sustained a program that honors the interests of the youth population that is underserved in most other communities.

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