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Town Shop Receives Mini-Grant from US Office of Education

January 10th, 1974

by David Vermilya

The Town Shop teen center of Camillus has hosted an open house, attended cinema outings, partaken in educational programs and competed in sports events during the months of November and December. A mini-grant from the US Office of Education has allowed them to send a team of seven to Yale University for the Drug Dependence Institute in February.

The Town Shop open house was held November 13th with more than 100 people attending to see a slide review of past summer and fall activities, and to watch David Vermilya gulp, swallow and gorge his way to victory in the first annual Town Shop pie eating contest (Six out of seven other contestants were unable to finish their pies).

Since the open house, program activities have continues at the Town Shop. In cinema, there were three field trips to Gifford Auditorium to see the movies “Love” (Nov. 14), “The Harder They Come” (Nov. 15), and “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” (Nov. 28). Four other movies were shown at the Town Shop: “Medium Cool” (Nov. 9 – a great film depicting the American political climate in 1968, by the director of “American Graffiti”); “Friends” (Nov. 20 and 21); “The Red Tent” (Dec. 7); “Brothers Karamazov” (Dec. 20).

The Town Shop Cinema Program will continue through 1974 with more films (“Walkabout,” “The Magic Christian,” “WUSA,” “Bless the Beasts and the Children,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Harold and Maude,” “The Illustrated Man,” and more) and more field trips to SU Film Forum.

Other field trips this winter have included: Eighteen to a square dance at the Liverpool Youth Center (Nov. 16); 22 to Ithaca to see Weather Report and John McLaughlin in concert at Cornell (Nov. 29); and what had to be a highlight of 1973 for 38 people, a field trip to Montreal on December 2nd to see the Who in concert.

(The Who is probably the most outstanding live concert band in the world, the only British group to have remained intact since the early 1960’s. A musical genius, Peter Townshend, will be renowned as Bob Dylan and Lennon-McCartney, if not more so. Most notable are his inventive style and use of guitar and synthesizer, his creations “Tommy,” the first rock opera; “Live at Leeds,” the first and best live album ever recorded; “Who’s Next and Quadrophenia,” probably the best rock albums of 1972 and 1973. Also, all four members of the Who have recorded some fine solo albums, Roger Daltry’s being most impressive.)

It was a phenomenon to return to the parking lot after the concert in Montreal to find Ken Sherwood leaping about in mid-air doing splits and windmills in a crazed effort to imitate Pete Townshend’s guitar playing performance. And everyone buzzing, probably for weeks later in school, about the concert. Incredible.

Educational programs at the Town Shop have included: A film and discussion led my the Syracuse Satsang Society on ECKANKAR- The Ancient Science of Soul Travel (Dec. 4); Transcendental Meditation lectures (Dec. 6 and 11, Jan. 8 and 15) plus individual training for those wishing to continue (12 meditators so far at the Town Shop, more learning in January); a Woman’s Awareness Group led by Rosalyn Syp (Dec. 13).

On December 28 two foreign visitors, sponsored by the International Center in Syracuse, spent an evening at the Town Shop exchanging cultural information – Dr. Erastus Mutiga from Kenya, and Dr. Lapau Buchari from Indonesia. It was a very interesting and enjoyable evening.

Wednesday night volleyball began December 5th at Camillus Elementary School gym and will continue into the spring. A game is scheduled for January 30th with the County Health Department’s VD Hotline staff, and more games will be scheduled.

Future programs include: A program about New York State Drug Laws, with speakers from NACC and law enforcement (Jan. 21- starts at 8pm, the community is invited to attend); a youth-adult discussion group on the topic of impeachment; continuing Women’s Awareness Group meetings; a monthly seminar on religion and philosophy with programs about Meher Babam, Baba Ram Dass, Zen Buddhism, Divine Light Center, etc.; a field trip in February for a 7 ½ mile hike in the snow; a field trip planned in cooperation with the National Speleological Society to explore a cave someplace in the Adirondacks; seminars on tie-dying and other crafts.

The Town Shop has received a mini-grant from the US Office of Education to send a team of seven people to Yale University to attend a Drug Dependence Institute (to learn how to help people who are addicted to alcohol and other hard drugs) February 24th to March 8th. The Town Shop will remain open during these two weeks, staffed by volunteers.

The Recycling Center has been operating smoothly. We would ask people to stop wasting so much energy talking about the “energy crisis” and start recycling some of our natural resources. The Camillus Recycling Center will take glass, cans, newspaper and cardboard, and is located on the corner of Bennett and Belle Isle Roads. If you don’t use it, who will?

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  • Eric Bacon Says:

    Dave and Cheryl:

    Awesome stuff! January 1974. I believe I was 2 years old. Recycling and V’Ball. Energy crisis. The “Who”. Still goin’ strong. Kudos to each of you!

    Eric Bacon
    Director of Parks and Recreation

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